Creative. Focused. Experienced.

With 8 years of professional IT experience managing Linux and Windows environments and 7 years of Software Development experience in full stack languages I have become a unique technical heavy hitter able to make a clear impact.

I own and operate Little Acorn, a mobile app and custom software solutions company based out of St. Joseph, MN.

The name was born from a quote:

"Mighty Oaks from Little Acorns Grow"

What I Do


Every day is different. I do a mix of server management, administration, and data driven analysis on some days. Other days, I move on to product design, development, testing, review, and enhancement. I thoroughly enjoy working with JavaScript utilizing Node/NPM and the React/Express libraries for my custom software applications and prefer React Native for my mobile app platform. I'm very experienced in AWS infrastructure, procurement, and it's suite of products and analytical tools as that is what my API endpoints and servers run on. I consider myself a linux guru.

Since I wear many hats as owner of Little Acorn, I also perform the following:

  • Accounting, Finance and Budgeting
  • Business Management, Analysis, and Research
  • Advertising, Marketing, and Outreach
  • Sales, Lead Acquisition, Estimates and Proposals
  • Customer Service, Technical Support, and Consultation
  • Ordering Lunch


I enjoy a break from the technical world, I believe this has always greatly strengthened my creativity with a fresh clean slate to come back with.

Some of my hobbies and passions outside of my technical expertise are disconnecting from technology entirely, including multi-day backpacking and hiking trips into our great State and National Parks in the United States and around the world.

I also greatly enjoy working with my hands, this includes things such as blacksmithing, woodworking, and leatherwork. I feel that it's very important to practice these artistic interests in my life as it really helps me unleash my creativity, problem solving, and centers my mind.

And of course, central to all this is spending time with my wife and family.

Connect With Me

If you're looking to connect with me, please use one of the following channels:

Or use the command line below to type me a message.