<?php use Exceptional\PHPDeveloper as FullStackDeveloper; use Awesome\FrontEndDeveloper; use GuruLike\LinuxSkills; use Outstanding\Communication; use Notable\StandUpFella; use Decent\Blacksmith; /** * Class GrantStromgren * * Hello, I'm Grant. I am a problem solver, full stack developer, linux guru, blacksmith, and nice guy. * * To send me a message, use the command line below. * Be sure to include your email if you'd like a response back! * * @author Grant Stromgren <grant@grantstromgren.com> * */ class GrantStromgren extends FullStackDeveloper { /** * About me */ public $name = 'Grant Stromgren'; public $job = 'Full Stack Developer'; public $status = 'For hire'; public $contact = ['email' => 'grant@grantstromgren.com', 'phone' => '612-242-0382']; public $location = 'Albertville, Minnesota'; public $websites = ['http://www.grantstromgren.com', 'http://www.littleacorn.net']; public $social = ['https://github.com/phpsmith', 'https://www.linkedin.com/in/grantstromgren', 'https://twitter.com/phpsmith']; /** * Education */ function getEducation() { return { {"School" : "Western Governors University"}, {"Degree" : "Bachelor of Science in Information Technology"}, {"Emphasis" : "Databases"}, {"Graduation Date" : "2013"} }; } /** * Experience */ function getExperience() { return { "8 years" : ["IT", "Technical Support", "Linux Server Administration/Management", "MySQL Management", "Vim"], "6 years" : ["PHP", "MySQL", "HTML", "CSS", "JavaScript", "SEO", "Product/Project Management", "Ticket Management"], "5 years" : ["JQuery", "Bootstrap", "AJAX", "JSON", "OpenVPN", "Security"], "3 years" : ["Git", "Caching", "RESTful API", "MVC Framework"], "2 years" : ["Laravel", "CodeIgnite", "Team Lead", "Adobe Suite", "Web Design", "Ux"], "1 year" : ["APM Reporting/Analytics/Resolutions", "Agile Project Management"] }; } /** * Certifications */ function getCertifications() { return { "Oracle Database 10g Administrator", "Oracle Database SQL Expert", "CompTIA Security+", "CompTIA A+", "CIW Internet Webmaster", "CIW JavaScript Specialist", "CIW Web Foundations Associate", "CIW Web Design Specialist" }; } /** * Work Experience */ function getWorkExperience() { return { "LittleAcorn" : { "Title" : "Owner", "Dates Employed" : ["November 2015", "Present"], "Duties & Accomplishments" : [ "Research and investigate potential web sites and applications that could provide SaaS to users - including developing means of monetization", "Design, develop, and host in house web sites using Laravel and MySQL", "Market and contact potential clients, providing estimates of work for custom built mobile-first web sites and applications", "Work with clients to design, develop, and host custom built products and provide continual estimates for work", "Perform agile project management to ensure utmost customer satisfaction with product and continual quick sprints of development for in house applications", "Fully manage AWS hosting servers, including development and staging environments", "Monitor server performance and assess resource needs to maintain scalability", "Perform routine server maintenance including updating software versions and optimization of available resources", "Manage day to day operations of running a small web business including maintaining 99.95% up time and round the clock availability", "Provide marketing ideas and insight including SEO recommendations to clients", "Provide technical support from basic to advanced to clients", "Manage assets and explore new technologies to help improve business bottom line and effectiveness" ] }, "TheMLSonline, Inc" : { "Title" : "Senior Developer", "Dates Employed" : ["June 2015", "February 2016"], "Duties & Accomplishments" : [ "Perform routine server monitoring and APM analyzing to identify weak points - improved caching and rewrote bloated JavaScript to reduce average site load times from 4.2s to 2.7s", "Monitor, assess, and manage server environment as well as provided feedback and began process on migrating servers to more efficient cloud set up - reducing costs by over 50%", "Developed in an agile environment with routine meetings to identify where development time and focus should be spent for the most effect", "Design, develop, test, and manage a high volume website running on CodeIgniter application that sees over 8 million page views per month", "Consulted and discussed with executive management the direction of the application using historical charts and future projections", "Identified security holes and created and implemented plan, installing HTTPS on server and removing back door entries", "Advised mobile Ux improvement that saw mobile application users jump up 20% over 1 month" ] }, "Wedge Community Co-op" : { "Title" : "IT Specialist II", "Dates Employed" : ["November 2012", "June 2015"], "Duties & Accomplishments" : { "Design, develop, test, and manage a complete LAMP ERP system which consisted of" : [ "Point of Sales", "Web Sales", "Real Time Inventory Management", "Accounting", "Purchasing", "Ordering", "Reporting and Analytics", "Employee Management" ], "Procured and installed server grade Linux environment to manage all the different facets of the ERP software - increased efficiency through server caching and performance", "Managed and developed software features and requests, categorized and prioritized patch updates", "Performed extensive quality checking and user interactivity to determine best method for fulfilling feature requests", "Performed routine maintenance on code and hardware to ensure maximum up time, reduced bugs, better user experiences", "Provided remote and onsite technical support" } }, "Sungard Availability Services" : { "Title" : "Operation Technician", "Dates Employed" : ["April 2012", "November 2012"], "Duties & Accomplishments" : [ "Install, configure, and monitor enterprise server systems including blade servers, firewalls, switches", "Provide on site hands on support for system hardware, including procurement and installation", "Configure and manage windows and linux systems with customers", "Remote and onsite technical support" ] }, "Open Systems International, Inc" : { "Title" : "Lead Engineer Technician", "Dates Employed" : ["January 2010", "April 2012"], "Duties & Accomplishments" : [ "Provide training, guidance, and leadership to a team of 1-3 assigned technicians on a project by project basis", "Install customer software onto procured servers and perform intensive quality assurance", "Provide excellent communication and clarity to client and project team", "Install, configure, monitor, and manage large server systems", "Remote and onsite technical support" ] } } } /** * Contact me */ function contactMe($method) { if ($method=='call') { // Want to call me now? Click here return 'You can reach me at 612-242-0382'; } else if ($method=='email') { // Want to email me right away? Click here return 'You can email me at grant@grantstromgren.com'; } else { return 'Please send an owl.'; } } /** * Click below to print this sweet resume */ function printThisSweetResume() { // Click here } } ?>

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